Summit History

January 2012 Summit Energy Equipment began operations in Como Texas.
We began manufacturing customized Flare Stacks for our customers.

May 2012 Summit attained an ASME U-Stamp.
Summit initiated the pressure vessel division of the company.
This gave the company the ability to provide any equipment associated with Well Testing and production.

May 2012 Summit attained an ASME R-Stamp. This certification allows the repair, alter, or re-certify any pressure vessel that possesses a U Stamp. Repairs consist of any repairs made to non-pressure retaining parts or internal replacements. Re-certifications encompass any repair or alteration to pressure-retaining parts such as nozzles, heads, and shells. If your vessel shows signs of excessive corrosion, our R-Stamp will allow us to analyze and re-certify the vessel for the accurate MAWP.

October 2012 Summit attained an ASME NB-Stamp. This certification allows projects requiring National Board Registration for vessel construction, Summit will ensure that each vessel has the proper registration with the NBIC.