• Choke Manifolds
  • Facility Fabrication
  • Flare Stacks
  • Flare Stack Smokeless Burner
  • Flow Line
  • Gas Scrubbers
  • Plug Catchers
  • Sand Separators
  • Separators

Engineering Services

  • Oil & Gas Processing
  • Structural
  • Detail Piping

Fabrication Capabilities

Pressure vessels
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers
    Section VIII - Division 1 & Division 2
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers -
    ASME B3.1.1 / 31.3/ 31.8

Welding Qualifications

  • ASME Section IX
  • AWS D1.1
Welding Technologies
  • FCAW
  • GTAW
  • GMAW
  • SAW


U Stamp

This certification assures design and fabrication of pressure vessels conforming to design parameters of ASME Section VIII are met. U-Stamps can be applied to any vessel with MAWP of 6000 psi or less. Each vessel is thoroughly designed in accordance with customers specifications and code requirements.

R Stamp

This certification allows the repair, alter, or re-certify any pressure vessel that possesses a U Stamp. Repairs consist of any repairs made to non-pressure retaining parts or internal replacements. Re-certifications encompass any repair or alteration to pressure-retaining parts such as nozzles, heads, and shells. If your vessel shows signs of excessive corrosion, our R-Stamp will allow us to analyze and re-certify the vessel for the accurate MAWP.

NB Stamp

For projects requiring National Board Registration for vessel construction, Summit will ensure that each vessel has the proper registration with the NBIC.